Donation Incentives

Wanna send a tip? Look no further:

Note: Currently, I’m limiting these rewards to one per person per stream, across the board. This is to prevent the stream turning into absolute chaos – but is subject to change depending on how it goes.

Basically, what this means is when you donate, you can pick one and that’s it until the next stream. Donate wisely, and please don’t overspend for my sake!

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How Wumpa Rewards work:

Let’s say you want to redeem Rage Quit, which costs 1,366 Wumpas, using the Great British Pound. Divide that by 10 and you get 136.6 – which would mean it’d cost you £1.36 (and .6 of a penny, which I leave to your discretion to worry about).

If you’re unsure of anything, don’t hesitate to ask! Thanks for your support.