About Me

‘Ey up! You’ve landed on the fashionably dated homepage of LunarLoony. That’s my name, though if you prefer, you can call me Lunar. (Some have also called me Loopy.)

What I Do

It’d perhaps be quicker to list what I don’t do. As a prime specimen of neurospiciness, I have a habit of doing a little bit of everything, then dropping it faster than a hot spud that’s just come out of the microwave. It’s not the easiest of lives. Nevertheless, there are a few things I can pick out as being consistently “what I do”.

  • Computers! Just, y’know, computers. I like computers. Computers have been very helpful to me, and I enjoy learning and tinkering with them. I have too many.
  • Art. If I had to pick a discipline, I’d say graphic design – that’s what my degree says, anyway. But I enjoy all kinds of art, even if I’m not all that capable of it myself. I’m particularly fond of pixel art.
  • Web design. Combine the two interests above, that’s what ya’ get. I’m not really interested in JavaScript or anything related to that. HTML, CSS, and maybe some PHP, that’s all I need.
  • Video games. I recognise my own behaviour in Abed from the show Community, except where he relates everything to movies, I do so with video games. Sometimes it just helps to see the world that way.
  • Filmmaking. I enjoy making little films about video games, which I put on my fabulous YouTube channel, Broken Circus. (No, it’s not “content”, and I will die on that hill if I have to)
  • Some other things! I am very slowly learning to play the flute, for instance. Very slowly. I’m also writing a book… very slowly. And maybe a comic. Very slowly.

Why the Name?

I settled on LunarLoony for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s nicked borrowed from the English title of the game Akkanvader; known over here as Space Invaders ’95: The Attack of Lunar Loonies. I love Space Invaders, and 1995 was… er, a good year.
  • I like space, though more as an aesthetic and a backdrop than anything. I enjoy sci-fi.

Why a Website?

Because it’s nice! Why should a big social network get to keep all my thoughts and ramblings? They’re mine, dangit.

I enjoy having my own dedicated space online that’s owned by me. I’m a big fan of creator-owned things in general, and I believe there should be more smaller things than fewer bigger things – like there should be more little websites rather than massive social media platforms, and there should be more small video game developers rather than the huge acquisition blobs we’re currently dealing with. See also: book publishers, film studios, online shops… essentially anything you can think of.

There’s a philosophy that you might see if you hang around Linux circles often enough; that is, “make each program do one thing well”. Wouldn’t it be good if we could apply that to life as well? I buy my books from the local bookshop, and I usually get a nice chat about books while I’m in there. I buy my stationery from this tiny little place in Huddersfield that’s wall-to-wall, and run by a very happy gent who’s eager to help you find stuff. If I go somewhere and there’s an independent retro game shop, you bet I’m paying them a visit. Maybe I’m making life difficult for myself, but I’m also making my life richer and more colourful.

If we all did our own little things and made our own little websites, I feel we’d all be a bit richer, too.

It’s nice.

Look On My Works

Projects I’m ready to share, or things I’ve created which are available to view.

  • Broken Circus – where I keep all my fun videos about gamz.
  • Notes From Home – a book about finding what you were looking for in unlikely places. WIP.
  • Time Twister FM – a video game radio station, complete with DJ breaks and news from video games (and sometimes from real life, but about video games)!
  • My Lospec page – observe my pixel art here.
  • My Worms page – some speechbanks and flags for Worms Armageddon.