Galaxian Hits 40! – Recommended Reading

Thanks for watching Galaxian Hits 40! Want to dig a little deeper? Here are some additional resources, videos, and articles for you to snatch a glance at while fending off a horde of dive-bombing butterflies.

Galaga Web

Galaga – 30th Anniversary Developer Interview

Early Arcade Classics: 1985-87 Interviews

Shigeki Toyama and Namco Arcade Machines

Interview with Galaxian World Champion – David Lyne

Hiroyuki Kawada Interview: Namco Sounds in the 1980s

Making the Famicom a Reality

Galaxian – Codex Gamicus

Deluxe Galaga – The Official Website of the Amiga Classic

Dragon’s Lair Fans

GH-28 : GALAXIAN THEATER for 28 players !!!

EXPO 1990 Central Gate


UGSF Series Official Site

NYC – Queens – Astoria: Museum of the Moving Image – Galaxian

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