Commission for Planetary Colonisation

The Futurist Collective welcomes you and your team, and encourages the colonisation of further planets, moons and other galactic bodies. Please review the following terms, in order to make your application a smoother experience.

  1. A party of at least ten (10) must be gathered before application.

    a. A variety of professions should be fulfilled within the members of your party. If this is not apparent, your application may be denied.

    b. Animatronics are permitted as additions to your party. They cannot, however, replace one of your initial ten.c. If your party lacks in professionals from a high-level scientific background (e.g. planetology, meteorology, biosciences), you may be appointed a number of staff members under the employ of the Commission.

    d. If your party comprises sufficient personnel, you may man the craft independently; otherwise, a crew will be provided. The exception is that you may not pilot the craft.

    e. If one or more of your party members possess a criminal record, they may be denied entry into the process.

    f. Consider the matter of procreation when selecting your party members.

    g. Your party will be briefed prior to your expedition. Ensure that they are available for this briefing, and that they understand the ramifications of establishing a colony.

  2. Use of your own spacecraft is strongly discouraged, as standard space vehicles lack the necessary equipment required to land on a planet’s surface.

    a. The Commission will supply you with a landing craft suitable for the planet that you choose to colonise. The crew requirements for this ship will be made clear during your briefing (see 1g).

    b. All Futurist landing craft are equipped with a basic artificial intelligence system and a predetermined flight path. Manual flight is not advised or permitted.c. The ship will automatically fly a return course two (2) weeks after you have landed.

    d. The landing craft appointed to you remains the sole property of the Commission for Planetary Colonisation.

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