Trevelyna Rosedale – Single-Handedly Saving the World

Here’s a character I’ve been working on for a while. I think she’s getting somewhere, but there are some loose ends that want tying up.

Trevelyna Rosedale (Trev for short) is a young woman – about 22-23 years old, but much younger at heart – whose primary hobby is to tinker. She likes messing with machinery and making stuff out of nothing. From a young age she’s been pulling apart watches and PDAs and other such intricate devices…note I didn’t say she put them back together again.

In short, she has a head for gears and servos. And pizza.

Now here comes the tricky part: she lost her right arm in an accident. (There’s one of those loose ends…)

Doesn’t help that she’s right-handed, so she’s had to learn to be ambidextrous. And since she doesn’t come from a rich background, she can’t just walk into a store and buy a new arm.

Eventually she comes across a way to get a new one, but that can wait for another time.

Her best friends are tronics. She’s not much of an outdoors type, but she’ll sometimes go on adventures with Arthur and Cygnus, or with Rack and Pinion, or with her grandad. Outside of that, she studies computer science at university, even if she vastly prefers the mechanical side of things.

Should be noted that she’s only a child during the events of Notes from Home. Her story takes place much later.

Purple Haze

So, here are the parts that need some work.

First, what got her interested in robotics to begin with? Well, this may tie into how she got her new arm. My idea was to have her introduced to a particular tronic at an early age – perhaps one of her parents was also an engineer or mechanic, and brought one home to fix up. Later on in her life, she ran into this tronic again, and that’s where she got her new arm from. This may also explain her less-than-affluent background.

Another one is that it came from her grandad, who – in the present time period – owns a massive hangar on an outer colony, in which he provides a home for lost tronics. Again, a story for another time, I think.

Both situations could very well work together; and, in fact, probably should.

There’s also the issue of her footwear – I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s a little unusual. But there’s a reason – honest! Essentially, Trev had a very good friend when she was a bit younger – think 17-ish – who just happened to be the same shoe size as her. They had the funny idea to mix-and-match their shoes; that’s how Trev ended up with one shoe and one knee-high boot.

This brings into question Trev’s sexuality, which as a theme is something I’d like to look at in the Unknown Universe. You see, I’ve often thought of science fiction as being a world that you’d like to see. It’s not always like that, of course – see Fahrenheit 451 and A Clockwork Orange, for example – but it’s certainly a great way to explore such ideas. An ideal society for me would be one that’s accepting of everyone. All races, all nationalities, all genders, and all preferences. Because if you’re part of a society that’s spread out across billions of miles of space, then you can’t help but be inclusive.

Anyway, point is, Trev’s very good friend was getting on for being girlfriend material. But neither of them were really sure. And then they got separated, so that kaiboshed those plans…and left both girls with odd footwear.

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